About R.M.B. Group

Ideas around the value of Service and Customer Delight, originally born on a small touristic island in Sweden in the 90’s, gradually exposed to and tested in a multitude of countries, cultures, and languages to finally be conceptualized on the shores of lake Geneva, Switzerland, are the very foundation of what R.M.B. Group proudly stands for:

Amazing Service, Employee, and Customer Experience, will not only offer businesses and organizations higher returns and loyalty, they will also help make the world a more enjoyable and happier place for us all.

The R.M.B. Group range of services offer a powerful shift in Your focus and Attitude toward Service and Customer Excellence, starting with an engagement of the most valuable asset for any organization, the people and their individual motivation and drive for optimizing their Performance and Service.

Meet our CEO

At R.M.B. Group we passionately believe in the outstanding difference Engaged, Motivated, and Service-minded Employees and Teams are able to make in their own careers, in delighting their colleagues and customers, and in driving overall results.

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer often mentioned this powerful quote: “When we change the way we look at things , the things we look at change.” Bearing the spirit of this powerful message in mind, we would like to suggest that:

When we change the way we look at Service and Servicize our actions, the way we serve and experience Service will change.

So it is with great pleasure and anticipation we offer our new, entirely in-house developed concept, the “Servicizer” program, helping drive Engagement, Performance, and Customer Delight, all with a servicized approach.

We welcome You to get in touch with us, participate in our seminars, follow our Servicizer Blog, and follow us on Social Channels. Join forces with us to Servicize, and to help make the world a more enjoyable and happier place for us all.

R. Max Behesht
R.M.B. Group CEO & Founder



Creative Head